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Critical Deconstruction of Dispensationalism. Introduction

Dispensationalism is the Evangelical and Baptist belief that God reveals his will progressively, in distinct “dispensations” and that each revelation was only meant for the group or people that it was given to. While I agree that God has operated in progressive revelation, I do not accept, nor do the vast majority of all Christians that have ever existed, that each dispensation was exclusive to a special group. Rather, we believe that all of God’s revelation had been built toward the ultimate cosmic event of Christ’s resurrection and the reign of the Church.

The central issue that causes Dispensationalists to conflict with the rest of Christianity is that they believe that the ethno-state of Israel is still God’s chosen people, with all the promises and blessings, and that essentially they will get some sort of back-door salvation, despite their denial of the divinity of Christ. Dispensationalists are the source of American political Zionism, where prominent politicians care more for Israel than America.

So this series will be about showing how this view of Israel is completely incorrect and unscriptural, even as Dispensationalists claim to be scriptural literalists.

Part 1: The Covenants

Part 2: The Curses

Part 3: The Blessings

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