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How to be a Man. Part 2 Worship and Church

A real man worships God and goes to church. Part of being a man, a real man, is recognition that it is not all about you. Life is not all about you. This world is not all about you. Men who do not worship God or go to church are men who never matured past the infantile mentality that the world revolves around them. They have set themselves up as their own little gods, where they decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. This is the essence of Satanism. When you recognize that the world does not revolve around you, that you are just a small part in a greater universe, then you begin to understand your place in that universe. You develop a sense of purpose beyond your own vanity. And this is what being a man is all about. Having a purpose beyond yourself. In part 1 we covered that real men provide and protect, both are purposes beyond ourselves. We also covered that some men will forgo families to devote their entire lives to God in worship and service. Which is again, purpose beyond ourselves.

Worshipping God is a many faceted thing. We first worship God as children, either in our bodies or our minds. We worship God as a means to an end, thinking that if we flatter God enough he will gives us things, or we can earn our way into heaven. It is self centered worship and there are entire denominations of Christianity that never move beyond it. It is the idea that God exists to serve your needs, to love you, and to help you. This is not true worship.

But as you mature and you recognize that your place in the universe is actually very small and unimportant, you begin to worship God in awe and wonder. “What is man that you are mindful of him?” That is the sentiment that David sang, and we echo. When we worship God in awe it is the beginning of humility. The beginning of moving beyond yourself and your own needs into the understanding that it is a miracle at all that God even acknowledges you or cares for you. God is as far beyond us as we are beyond single celled organisms and yet he has the hairs on our heads numbered. There is still a touch of self centeredness here, because it is still placing a small amount of importance on yourself, where you are worshipping Him in relation to his consideration of you, but it is genuine worship. It is genuine worship because it recognizes the greatness of God beyond His ability to do things for you. God is great because even though He made the universe and runs everything from the farthest star to the smallest particle He still cares for you.

Then there is worship in adoration. Worship in adoration is true worship. It is proclaiming the greatness of God simply because He is great. Not because He considers you or loves you, but because He is the All -Powerful and the Divine. God would be God even if you never existed. Expecting nothing from God, but giving thanks for anything that you have. Here is where real manhood lies. There is no safety blanket of divine protection. There is no Fairy Godfather in the sky who grants wishes. Whatever you do in this life is entirely up to you and your ability to push through. If God blesses your efforts, praise Him. If He does not bless your efforts, praise Him. This is the worship of Job and Paul. It is completely selfless. Real men worship God because real men recognize that God is great and worthy to be praised and our purpose in this world is to serve God, love God and help God.

Real men go to Church because just as a real man provides and protects, he also serves. Even in a leadership role, real men serve. We are instructed in a multitude of scriptures to attend to the Church and to serve the Church, as we are all part of the body of Christ. Going to Church is recognition that it is not all about you. You are not God’s special little boy. You are not the brightest little lad who knows better than Christ’s body, the Church. You are one member of a body of many members, all serving together for the edification for the entire body. Real men will both provide for and protect the church as they would their own family, and real men will raise their family within the Church to do the same. It may be difficult for you to find the right Church, as many churches today are falling over themselves to apostatize and capitulate to the secular values of the world, but good Churches still exist, so you are without excuse. Find one, find your role, and find your purpose. Move beyond your self centeredness. Build something that will outlast you.

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